Vignette Collection: Busy at Midday by etoile mignon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2011-08-09 Modified:2011-08-10
Summary:Kunzite is a busy man.
Busy at Midday

Kunzite never took lunch with the others. He was busy at this time and not to be bothered.

There were the reasons that no one thought anything of it, most of them completely valid. He had arranged training sessions for the morning, so he’d have to retire and wash before he did anything else. If any messages were to be sent, it had to be done before supper. This gave him an excuse to lock himself in his study and write for a good two hours. Even if there were no messages, he still did this, finding himself always busy with affairs of state. There were things to be read, correspondence to write, and problems to be mused over. It kept him busy.

Though there were secrets he kept from them all. Such as drawing the shades in his private study and working solely by candlelight. The warm flickering of the flame was dull and soft, uneventful. It kept his mind on his work, away from the midday hour.

Yet, every certain windy day, it would happen. The shade of the far north window would shiver in the breeze just slightly to cast a few stray sunbeams onto his desk playfully, catching his eye like the golden strands of her hair. He could never help himself for long after that. Try as he might to ignore the memories that rushed back, it was impossible. He would have to stop working and approach the window, drawing the shade with a deep breath and closed eyes.

The brightness of midday would hit him full force. The warmth spread over him, inviting him to immerse himself fully into the sunlight. The sounds of life filled his ears. Children laughed somewhere in the fields, and he heard her laugh. Women gossiped just beyond the doors, and he heard her whisper. Workers tended to fields, and he heard her heels as she walked.

The sweet smell of sun-kissed air washed over him and it was her scent, forcing him to open his eyes. It was as if he was looking directly at her though she was no where in sight. The bright blue of the sky, pale and sparkling clear, was always the same as her eyes, no matter the season. The yellow tint that the world earned from the midday sun echoed the gold of her aura. There were never any extreme shadows at noon, no hint of true darkness anywhere to be seen.

It was just like her. It hurt just the same.

There was no avoiding it once he had opened the shade. His mind was locked solely on her, and he indulged as if she were there, begging for him to just sit out in the field with her. Kunzite pulled up his chair to the window and basked in her memory, just as lazy as she would often be. He let himself miss her for that brief midday hour.

No one knew when days like this happened. No one knew they happened at all.

It was easier when it rained. Overcast wouldn’t do; the brightness was always at its peak during midday. Storms were ideal. It was dark and the only bit of brightness came from a lightning bolt that was gone instantaneously, although he knew why the lengthy roar of thunder angered Nephrite.

Kunzite sat there until the sun had moved and its rays were gone from his face, which turned back to stone once the warmth was gone.

For a few weak moments, he sat without moving. Always. Though the world continued beaming with life just outside the window, it was no longer her essence. The sun had moved on. Midday had left him, just as she had. He sat there in the shadows, letting the cool reality sink in as the warmth faded from his skin. The instant that his thoughts drifted to why she had left was when he drew the shade again. With an apathy to rival statues, he would return his chair to his desk and sit down again.

After all, Kunzite was always busy at midday.

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