Vignette Collection: Waking From A Dream by Heavenly Pearl

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:G
Created:2011-11-16 Modified:2011-11-16
Summary:Helios’ life is restored to him after Nehelenia’s defeat.
Waking From A Dream

It felt like I was awakening from a dream.

Was I really alive? The last thing I remembered was releasing the last of my power to save my prince and the Senshi. After that…nothing. It was all a blank until I opened my eyes to the sight of my maiden, crying tears of happiness.

She was the one who had saved me. With the power of her Pink Moon Crystal, she had pulled me back from the Eternal Sleep and restored my life back to me.

And suddenly I came to a realization.

For so long, I had searched for the woman I had seen in my vision, believing she was the one who would save Elysion by breaking the seal on the Golden Crystal. Sailor Moon had done so, but she wasn’t the one I longed for deep in my heart.

Princess Lady Serenity… She had been right in front of me the entire time. Though still only a child, I knew that someday her most cherished dream would come true.

One day, my maiden would become a beautiful lady, and, if I was lucky, I would be her Prince Charming.

DISCLAIMER: Sailor Moon is the property of Naoko Takeuchi.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Any comments or criticisms can be sent to me at Written for the “I‘m Still Alive” challenge at the “sailormoonland” community at Livejournal.

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