Vignette Collection: Too close, too far... by blue

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2006-02-22 Modified:2006-02-22
Summary:sm_monthly feburary theme: Claustrophobic (Spaces and rooms can be very different to the heart)
Too close, too far...

Mamoru stared at the ceiling and thought it was too far away. He looked at his walls and thought they were too bare. He paced around his room and found that it was not small enough. He felt as if he could just pull the world closer to his heart, there would be things he could keep longer without losing touch. In his bed, Usagi's scent still lingered but soon it will fade into nothing if she does not return. On his hands were the strands of her hair, coyly clinging to his fingers, those golden strands.

The room was too large. It could not fit the confines of his heart. He could not live in that moment when he was in her and she was around him and the world was small and his love could be communicated without words.

Mamoru paced the room and in the large spaces around him, felt as if he was suffocating from having too much space but not enough room.

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Review by Anonymous 2007-04-25

Gorgeous drabble. Write more! :) - cat

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