Vignette Collection: The Bestest Present EVER For Rei-chan! by blue

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-02-22 Modified:2006-02-22
Summary:sm_monthly feburary theme: Birthday (Two blondes, a GREAT idea... or is it just a dangerous one?)
The Bestest Present EVER For Rei-chan!

Tsukino Usagi looked rather expectantly at her friend. Rei stared back at her. Everyone was absolutely silent. Usagi blinked, smiling a bit guilelessly, the situation not going as she expected. Rei's nostrils began to flare a little. Ami sweat-dropped and Makoto took a cautious step back with the blue-haired girl.

"So..." Rei began, her tone unnaturally sweet.

Minako beamed next to the odango-blonde. "It was my idea!" Rei's eyes momentarily flitted on to Minako, her glare so fierce that even Minako paused. Two pairs of blue-eyes turned to each other worriedly before turning back to the dark-haired priestess.

"What Rei-chan? You don't like it?" Usagi frowned worriedly at the dark-haired miko.

"Well..." Rei began, "returning my manga on my birthday," Rei purred at last. "Is -not- a good idea!"

"But we were broke!" Usagi cried out helplessly as their friend gave out shouts of battle-cries as she chased the two blondes around the Hikawa Jinja with her broom.

The wind blew morosely, rattling the drooping banner that said "Happy Birthday Rei-chan!" as it dangled lopsidely over the paper doors.

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Review by ruminant 2006-11-28

hehe Very funny! I could absolutely believe Usagi and Minako would come up with something like this.

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