Vignette Collection: Seven Days by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Veronica Mars Rating:PG13
Created:2006-04-06 Modified:2006-04-06
Summary:Seven days in the life of Veronica Mars.
Seven Days

On the first day, Veronica woke up in a strange bed without her underwear. She shed two tears before she walked to the Sheriffís Department Building. She was holding her shoes in her hands when Lamb told her that he wasnít going to help her.

On the second day, Veronica cried. She locked herself in her room and sobbed for hours, getting up only to kneel in front of the toilet, her body wracked with dry heaves. When her father got home, she didnít say a word.

On the third day, Veronica tried to remember. She recalled nothing but fuzzy images, bright lights, and the smell of alcohol. Nothing else.

On the fourth day, Veronica went to Lillyís grave. She knew that if Lilly were still there, Veronica wouldnít have been alone at the party, her father would have still been sheriff, and someone wouldnít have hated her enough to do this. Veronica stared at the grave, and asked Lilly why she hadnít been there. Lilly didnít answer.

On the fifth day, Veronica realized that no one could help her.

On the sixth day, Veronica cut her hair. Her two feet of hair turned into four inches by way of her fatherís razorblade. He dropped his files when he saw, and then he told her she was beautiful. It didnít help.

On the seventh day, Veronica decided what would do. She swore revenge, vowing that whoever raped her would pay.

It was the only day she didnít cry.

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