Vignette Collection: Contemplating the Flame by Loki

Fandom:Original Fiction Rating:G
Created:2006-05-14 Modified:2006-05-14
Summary:What secrets are kept by the enigmatic mistress of light within the flame of a candle? She is a mystery, who whispers her secret to the heart, her significance remains ever resplendent.
Contemplating the Flame

She is mistress of contrast -- the bridge and division of worlds, minds, creation and destruction; she is all these and more,

The flame hungers, longing for the touch of her velvet lover of the night,

She seeks to transform her shadow lord to assume the hue of silken sapphire,

She warms and destroys – so innocent she is,

Agni, encapsulated in her fiery shell -- dancer of light,

She dances for us, slow and majestic,

She is shamaness of dawn,

She dances amongst the stars—rapture personified -- excited by the stirrings of a gentle breeze,

She wakes, she performs and illumines,

Yet within the hearth, the womb and the cradle of the Gods – all consuming and evocative, she is ineffable,

Tempestuous, her rage awaits a moment of opportunity, to fan the fires of her awakening in perpetuity,

She kneels to kiss our tinderbox of potentialities, to free her supplicants or absorb them in her light,

As a child of re-assurance, she lights the way of those troubled or afraid of the dark,

But what of this beauty who lives in the boundless ocean of contradiction?

Embracing the furnace within the heart that sleeps,

She is the way shower, the priest and priestess’s council and comfort, the celestial epithet,

Culture and rite, celebration and lamentation in the synapse between life and death -- a tapestry of trial and jubilation for tens of thousands of years as she is in a single moment,

A solitaire, guardian and a friend,

The careless trickster whom awaits the fool’s wayward action, to cease the moment to unleash her fury,

A candle symbolizes all these things and more, containing the past as it honours the tides of infinity -- posing questions to an amorphic future,

Light refuses to be defined as one thing alone, but is a myriad of things to all people and all times and is consort of the elements and is the Goddess of Fire.


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