Vignette Collection: Sort of Thing by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Veronica Mars Rating:PG13
Created:2006-05-15 Modified:2006-05-15
Summary:This was the sort of thing that happened to poor kids.
Sort of Thing

Later, Logan would think that this was the sort of thing that happened to poor kids.

Lilly and Logan had been in an abandoned warehouse. They’d been “dating” the way most kids in junior high dated. They broke up frequently over things like getting the wrong ice cream for the other at lunch, but they’d been fine that day.

They weren’t supposed to be there. They were trespassing, and it wasn’t their side of town.

So, when the deputy came in while they were kissing (awkwardly), their first instinct had been to hide.

Logan ended up in the refrigerator.

He couldn’t remember much of it. Any time he tried to think back to it, Logan’s chest got tight and he was overcome by an overwhelming sense of fear.

He had been too scared to call out, fearing some kind of reprisal, though not from the deputy. So he tried not to breathe too much.

Lilly went to get his father. He was crying when Aaron opened the door with his thumbs were hooked inside his belt loops. Logan cried a little bit harder.

Later, Logan wasn’t sure if his father beat him because he’d cried or because he’d been stupid enough to get locked inside a refrigerator. Logan suspected that it didn’t make a difference.

Getting trapped inside a refrigerator, crying in front of his girlfriend, and getting beaten until he couldn’t sit down. The sort of thing that happened to poor kids.

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