Vignette Collection: Monsoon Vendetta by Starsea

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-06-14 Modified:2006-06-14
Summary:Zoisite plans things very carefully. Written for the sm_monthly LJ community "Rain" challenge.
Monsoon Vendetta

Title: Monsoon Vendetta
Author: Starsea
Theme: Rain (Villains)
Genre: General
Version: Manga
Rating: PG

He planned it carefully. Let Nephrite charge ahead, propelled by anger. That wasn't his way. He wasn't angry at all the senshi, just one of them. Jadeite had been one of them. They were a team. They were brothers. Nobody killed one of the shitennou without retribution.

He watched her.

She didn't have many weaknesses but he was patient and she was human. Everyone had a weakness. And the human weakness was emotion. She tried to be emotionless but he knew better. Anyone affiliated with fire must have powerful emotions, however controlled.

The antithesis of fire was water. Water was something he knew, something he understood. He would call up those emotions, let them swamp her and then he would drown her.

Zoisite smiled and watched as the rain fell.

DISCLAIMER: The shitennou all belong to Naoko Takeuchi (unfortunately).

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