Vignette Collection: Devotion by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Harry Potter Rating:PG13
Created:2006-06-20 Modified:2006-06-20
Summary:Ginny pledged to always be faithful and always love her Harry Potter.

Ginny had pledged to always be faithful and love Harry Potter from the moment he had kissed her in the Gryffindor comm.on room with her brother and what felt like the whole world watching. She'd felt like all of the stars had aligned and all was briefly right with the world the moment their lips had met. It had been a feeling of serenity (even with the raging teenage hormones) that she had never felt before in her life, and she wanted to hold onto it. She wanted to hold onto him.

Even when he broke up with her in order to protect her. Even when he journeyed across the world or down into hell or wherever it was people went when they had to save the world. Even when they all came back with Hermione crippled, Ron missing an eye, and Harry a shattered wreck of what he had been, Ginny pledged to always be faithful and always love her Harry Potter.

Even when she sat as his bedside, spooning food into his slack mouth, his beautiful green eyes staring intently at the ceiling and nothing at all. Even when she thought of how she'd never expected to spend her honeymoon and her marriage and her life at her husband's bedside at St. Mungo's. Even when she thought of how much happier she might have been if she had run away with Dean like he had asked. Even when she thought of how happy Ron and Hermione were and how fewer and father apart their visits were getting. Even when she cried and threw the flowers he got and watched how he didn't even bat an eye, Ginny pledged to always be faithful and always love her Harry Potter.

She just wasn't sure if the feeling was really there or if she forced it into being.

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Review by Starsea 2006-06-25

Not many people could find the dark side of a prompt like this, but you obviously relished that challenge. Although, personally, I think that Harry would r... (more)
Review by Dejana Talis 2006-06-21 a chillingly awesome piece of work. I went to just scan it quickly in the moderating queue, but it caught my eye and I had to read it more thorou... (more)

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