Vignette Collection: Lost Princesses by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2006-06-29 Modified:2006-06-29
Summary:Yaten finds some peace in a Russian history lesson.
Lost Princesses

Yaten and Minako were wandering around the park at sunset. He didn't quite know why she was there or why he tolerated it, but she'd been a more constant, somewhat quieter presence in his life ever since she'd found out about the search for Kakyuu. Perhaps she thought that he needed support, though why she thought she was the one to give it was beyond him. Still, she did actually prove to be somewhat enjoyable company, and if nothing else she kept the other fans away. She had developed a rather terrifying reputation among idol chasers, and when she was seen in the vicinity of Yaten or the other lights, the fans had a tendency to stay away.

Yaten was grateful for that if nothing else.

"You know what I've been thinking?" Minako said suddenly, shattering the silence Yaten knew wouldn't last. She tended to get fidgety when things got quiet. He often got the same way around Seiya's sullen, broody silences, so he didn't actually get annoyed with her.

"I'm an empath, not a mind reader," he said.

Minako glanced at him askance, checking to see if he was actually irritated with her. Seeing that he wasn't, she continued. Then again, she would have even if he was. She was fearless like that. "I've been thinking that your princess, Kakyuu, is a lot like Anastasia."

Yaten arched an eyebrow, not recognizing the reference. "Who?"

Minako took a deep breath and Yaten wondered if maybe he should have just nodded and let the subject drop. "She's a princess - the daughter of the last czar of Russia. She lived a very wonderful life until the people revolted. Then all of the Romanovs, that's her family name, were taken capture or killed. She and her family were held captive until their presence became a danger, and then they were all killed. But there's a rumor that Anastasia made it out alive."

Yaten kept his eyebrow raised, still not understanding Minako's point. "What does that have to do with my princess?"

"She's in hiding, just like Anastasia is," Minako insisted. She blushed slightly and glanced down. "We learned about this in history the other day--"

"I thought you slept during history," Yaten teased.

Minako poked him in the ribs with her elbow and continued. "Anyway, our teacher said that it was unlikely that Anastasia had actually survived, but I disagreed with him. Even if it isn't really plausible, I think it's nice to believe in her. I like to think that she struggled for awhile but that she enjoyed living a normal life and fell in love and had children who will carry on the Romanov line. Even if it isn't true, I like to believe that."

Yaten looked at her for a moment, watching how her hair caught the light of the sun as it dipped below the horizon and the way her eyes almost looked golden from his angle. "And that makes you think of Kakyuu?"

Minako nodded. "If enough people believe in Anastasia, we'll find her some day. I think it's the same way with Kakyuu." She looked up and met Yaten's eyes. "Don't you think?"

Yaten held her gaze, his eyebrows furrowed, wondering at her. Sometimes, she could seem so far away and other times she was unbearably close, but it was in moments like these where she was connected and thoughtful and simply near that he found her the most bearable. It was in moments like these where he almost thought he could like her, maybe even more than that. But then he remembered all of the things between them and his lost princess and the war. He looked away and told himself not to think about it again.

"I suppose so," Yaten admitted and then kept walking, soothed by the sound of her matching his every step until there were no more steps to take.

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Review by Starsea 2006-07-08

A comparison between Anastasia and Kakyuu: I would never have thought of it, but it really works. And Minako also knows what it's like to look for a prince... (more)

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