Vignette Collection: Little Girl Lost by Starsea

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-08-09 Modified:2008-03-02
Summary:Taiki loses herself and finds her destiny. Written for the "Forest" theme. Winner of Best Overall and Best Drama for July 2006.
Little Girl Lost

When she was little, before she was awakened, Taiki lived with her parents in a little cottage on the edge of the Telankelu, which means "fireforest" in the language of Kinmoku. Her name wasn't Taiki, it was something else, a peasant girl's name. Nobody remembers now except her and Kakyuu. Her parents are long dead.

Taiki was always told never to go into the forest, but she was fascinated by the trees and their beautiful red blossoms. The blossoms were found all over the trunks, while the trees' leaves were large and maroon, creating a dark canopy that left you in warm, purplish gloom. Taiki would often play as close to the forest edge as she could, gazing into the purple haze and wondering what lay beyond those treetrunks.

One day, Taiki went in, of course. The forest was forbidden, and therefore attractive. She had no idea what was in there, so that was all the more reason to investigate. At first, she was entranced by the trees and the smell of the flowers, which smelled like cinders. Then she began to get tired of wandering and she wanted to go home. But she didn't know how. All the trees looked the same and she hadn't left any trail to guide her.

Taiki sat down between the roots of a tree and began to cry, very softly so she wouldn't attract any predators. There was a rustle to her left and she froze, eyes wide, thinking that she was about to die.

Another girl stepped out. Her hair was the colour of the fireblossoms and she had the whitest skin Taiki had ever seen. She smiled when she saw Taiki and ran forward.

"I knew it was you!" she said joyfully.

When she looked back on this occasion, Taiki wished that she could have said something brilliant, or memorable, or at least intelligent. But all she could manage, since she'd just been sobbing her heart out, was a sound that resembled, "Buh?"

The other girl squatted down. She reached out with a white hand and touched Taiki's shoulder. Her smile was comforting. "I sensed someone was here," she said softly. "And I knew... I knew that you were one of mine."

"Your what?" Taiki whispered.

"A sailor senshi." The girl beamed at her.

Taiki had no idea what she was talking about. "I want to go home," she said pitifully.

The other girl nodded, suddenly serious. "Yes. We have to talk to your parents." She stood up, brushing down her skirt, which reminded Taiki of lily petals, curving out at the end.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"I'm sorry." The girl swept a curtsey, so quick and easy that Taiki knew she must have been taught it from the time she could walk. "I am Kakyuu Elandra Phelime."

"P-princess," Taiki stuttered, leaping to her feet and attempting to do the same.

Kakyuu took her hands, stopping her. "Let's go and see your parents," she said.

"But I don't know the way," Taiki protested, feeling ashamed that the princess should be rescuing her.

"That's all right; we'll go my way," Kakyuu assured her, pulling her back into the bushes.

Taiki has never stopped following the princess since that moment. She would follow her to the end of the universe, if such a place exists. She knows that they will find her. Even in this urban jungle called Tokyo.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Taiki, Kakyuu or Kinmoku. They belong to Naoko Takeuchi.

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