Vignette Collection: To Be The Best by Starsea

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-08-09 Modified:2006-08-09
Summary:PGSM based. The Three Lights discover they have a rival. Written for the "Rivalry" challenge.
To Be The Best

"We can't do it." Seiya dropped the phone back into its cradle.

"What do you mean 'we can't do it'?" Yaten demanded.

"It's not a complicated sentence, Yaten, I mean-"

"What's wrong with the venue?" Taiki asked, thinking it prudent to stop the argument now.

"It's pre-booked," Seiya replied, running a hand through the black curls on her forehead, as she always did when she was agitated.

"How can it possibly be pre-booked?!" Yaten exploded. "We're the Three Lights, they knew that we were going to play there!"

"But the Three Lights are not Aino Minako," Seiya said, teeth gritted.

Yaten deflated. Taiki looked up. "Aino Minako... that name again." She frowned a little and picked up a magazine, flicking through its pages. "Here. She's the most popular idol in Japan."

"Not for long," Yaten sang in a perfect arpeggio. She flopped into the sofa beside Taiki, peering at the photograph. Her eyebrows rose slightly, reluctantly. "My. Very pretty."

"Pretty and clever," Seiya said, her eyebrows drawn together, brooding. "She stole a march on us this time."

Taiki had been reading the article. "Oh, here's a list of her tour dates... hmm, the Shounei Theatre... Seiya, given that we've lost that venue to Aino Minako, it's only fair we add an extra date, ne?"

Seiya's brow smoothed out. "Yes, you're right." She grabbed the telephone, smiling at the others. "Two can play at that game."

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