Vignette Collection: Voyeur by blue

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2006-12-27 Modified:2006-12-27
Summary:sm_monthly Pluto Challenge: Day 5 - Agony

Title: Voyeur
Genre: Drama/Slight Angst/Some Snark
Version: Anime
Rating: PG

She watches him watching the Queen. "I can almost feel her," he says. "That same heart-beat, I wish to memorize. She is too young to have dreams." His eyes caress the slight bulge of the Queen's belly, his hands fluttering, ghosting that other world - allowed only to watch the happenings and no more.

"And you are too old for her," is the first thing that pops out of Setsuna's head - half a tease and half the truth. She really have been hanging around Michiru and Haruka too long for it to be so automatic. But Setsuna is also not cruel, so she says, instead, "That time will come." Or perhaps she was far more cruel than anyone else, telling such lies with pity in her eyes.

Because the time for such things always comes, be they ready or not for it. It would come for them all, whether the wait be long or short or forever. "Yes, it will."

Setsuna is glad Elios is the few in all the times gone and to come, who truly understood a fraction of what she conveys. He never pushed her or begrudged her of her silence, whether it be because he was a gentleman or because he really was, rather, very old - older than the self she is now - and quite experienced beyond even her years.

In the quiet, the future seems a long way off. But, Setsuna knows best that the moments that really matters always come too fast and never last long enough. In the corner of her eye, she can see the placid profile of the Priest of Elysion. There is agony and desire in his eyes, but for now, Setsuna turns her face away and pretend ignorance, because that was what she was best at.

She really was crueler than she would like others to believe.

It is easier this way for both of them. The Queen, after all, is not the only thing she can see through the wavering window. And forever is a long time to long for anything just out of reach...

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