Vignette Collection: So Cliché by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2007-01-09 Modified:2007-01-09
Summary:Jadeite thinks it's rather cliché to fall in love with her.
So Cliché

Jadeite thinks it's rather cliché to fall in love with her.

After spending so long swearing he'd always remain unattached, he takes one look at the princess of Mars and he's completely gone. He loves her pale skin, her dark hair, her violent eyes, and her sharp tongue. She challenges him, cuts him down with a glance, and trembles with rage when he gives just as good as he gets. She hates him, but he rather loves her for it because at least she's paying attention to him at all.

But he hates himself for it because it's so cliché: falling in love with the one woman he can never have. Not to mention having that one woman despise him so thoroughly she would have spat in his face if it hadn't gone against her breeding. Even then, he still doesn't know why didn't.

And so it continues. He goads her, she proceeds to destroy him. She hisses, he smirks. It goes on and on, spiraling on into eternity until he’s driving himself insane with the utter sameness and complete formula of it all.

Later, he thinks it's even more cliché when she kisses him, proving that all of that rage was just a ruse.

But he’s mostly just satisfied.

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