Vignette Collection: It's Always The Pretty Ones by Starsea

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2007-01-10 Modified:2007-01-10
Summary:Zoisite decides to disprove some clich├ęs in a highly unusual way.
It's Always The Pretty Ones

Ami lay back against the sheets, panting. "My God..."

"What?" Zoisite asked as he rolled onto his back, just as breathless.

"I had no idea..."

"That I was such a stud?" She could hear the smirk in his voice but she was too shocked (too satiated) to resent it. He had a right to be pleased with himself after that performance.

"That you were so dominant." She tried to push herself up but her muscles refused, still liquid from the orgasm. Or that I'd enjoy you being dominant. She normally hated arrogant, domineering men but she'd just discovered that this was not the same as being sexually dominant.

"Why don't you just say it? You thought I was gay, didn't you?" He turned his head, raising one eyebrow. Ami felt herself blush.


"Yes, you did. He's pretty and he likes to wear a bit of make up, so he must be gay. That's what everyone thinks. It's lazy thinking, Ami-san. I'm surprised at you."

"I didn't think that ," she argued.

He sniffed and sat up. "Yes, you did. Don't try and deny it."

"The make up isn't so bad, but the cross-dressing-"

"For your information, not all cross-dressers are gay," he said, turning over so that he was almost lying on top of her again, keeping himself up by his elbows. Ami had to admire his rate of recovery.

"Obviously," she murmured.

"Besides, I have good legs... don't you think?" He slid one in between her thighs and Ami shivered.

"You have very nice legs," she agreed, fighting to keep her eyes open.

He smiled. "And I can't show them off in trousers and shorts are only good for summer, so... short skirts really are the only way." He bent down and blew on her neck, causing her to gasp. "I noticed you looking at them."

Ami lifted one arm and ran a hand down his naked back, sticky with sweat, then slid it around to his hips. "Again?" she murmured, disbelieving. "Not again..."

"There is only one way to dispel a clichÚ and that's to confront it with the truth," Zoisite declared, his important tone clashing with the darkness in his eyes. "And I intend to continue the confrontation..."

Ami gave into temptation and closed her eyes as he kissed her, drunk on beauty and desire. She had no idea of what the consequences would be, but at least a hangover wasn't among them.

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Review by Ysi 2014-06-26

Way to go Zoisite!
Review by auxphono 2007-01-18

Well that gave me a giggle. ^_^ Your Zoisite rox my sox.

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