Vignette Collection: Sensational by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Wicked Rating:PG
Created:2007-01-14 Modified:2007-01-14
Summary:Galinda needs to know how she looks.

“How do I look?” Galinda asked, swishing her skirts back and forth.

“Sensational,” Elphaba answered, not glancing up from her reading.

Galinda pouted. “You didn’t even look!”

“I don’t have to,” Elphaba said. “You spend all your life striving to look sensational.”

Galinda was surprised by the compliment. Or was it an insult? “I might fail.”

Elphaba laughed, one note, low and sharp. “Don’t be funny, Galinda.” She looked up. “Boys don’t like funny girls.”

Galinda found herself turning as pink as her skirts. She turned and flounced out of the room, absolutely furious.

But at least she looked sensational.

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