Vignette Collection: Emotionally Inert by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Vampire Princess Miyu Rating:PG13
Created:2007-01-21 Modified:2007-01-21
Summary:How things are for Miyu.
Emotionally Inert

Emotionally inert. Thatís was how existence was for Miyu.

Miyu had always been cold, and she had never had cause to mind it. She was a vampire. It was in her nature to be cold, just like the blood that sat beneath her skin, still waters. She didnít mind the stoicism. She didnít know anything else.

Chisato had changed that, made her greedy for warmth. Miyu had begun to crave that sunny smile and that carefree laugh. She didnít want to bite Chisato Ė didnít want to swallow her Ė she wanted to let her cultivate. She wanted her to live freely.

But Chisato was a shinma. Chisato had to be removed. Chisato could not be free.

After that loss Ė that betrayal Ė Miyu shut down. Nothing could stir her blood now, nothing could make her crave even what she needed to survive. Shiina could not charm her, Reiha could not insult her, and not even Larva could force her to react. Not when he scolded, not when he consoled, not even when he offered to end her.

She was inert, and she had no plans to rise.

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