Vignette Collection: Margarita for an Old Friend by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:M*A*S*H Rating:PG
Created:2007-01-21 Modified:2007-01-21
Summary:Hawkeye, predictably, behaves obnoxiously.
Margarita for an Old Friend

Hawkeye saw Charles Emerson Winchester III ten years after Korea, sitting at a bar in Boston and drinking his usual cognac. To be funny (and to aggravate Charles), Hawkeye ordered him a pink margarita and had it sent over. When the waitress pointed Hawkeye out, he made a point of looking as fetching as he could, fluttering his eyelashes suggestively. While Charles was happy to see him, he was not happy about having to explain to his ten esteemed colleagues why a man most appropriately described as “flamboyant” was sending him fruity drinks and blowing him kisses across the room.

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