Vignette Collection: Blush by chenoadawn

Fandom:Fushigi Yugi Rating:PG
Created:2007-02-02 Modified:2007-02-02
Summary:Miaka is taking a bath when there is unexpected company. (Fushigi Yugi)

It had become nearly custom that when the group would rest in the evenings if there was a lake or spring nearby, Miaka would bathe. Aside from getting cleaned up the waters seemed to relax her and made it so that she could rest and actually sleep. Of course, she was the same way at home taking a shower just before bed would nearly put her to sleep.

This one evening Nuriko had promised to meet her and stand guard to keep Tamahome from taking advantage of the view, but Miaka never saw Nuriko show up. Not really thinking much about it, she slipped behind a large boulder with some shrubs around it and took off her clothes. She slowly stepped into the warm water being careful not to lose her footing and hoping there were no strange monsters.

“AAGGHGHHH!!!” Miaka had just gotten completely in the water when she felt like a hand grabbed the inside of her leg.

Suddenly Tasuki appeared maybe a foot away from her in the water. As he realized what he grabbed and who was standing right in front of him were the same beings, his face turned bright red.

“Miaka! I did not know you were here I… I … I’m sorry.” Tasuki stammered over his words and braced himself for what was to come.

“YOU IDIOT!!” Miaka grabbed a nearby log and hit him over the head leaving a nice grapefruit sized knot. “YOU PERVERT!”

Miaka then stood out of the water and turned to get her clothes realizing too late entirely what she did. Quickly grabbing her clothes and covering the necessary areas, she turned to see Tasuki was staring at her with his face bright red. Her face quickly did the same and then she ran to hide behind the bushes and get dressed.

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