Vignette Collection: Justification by chenoadawn

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2007-02-02 Modified:2008-09-21
Summary:Neptune and Professor Tomoe have an encounter after a battle that prompts some thought.

The sea senshi walked away from the latest battle field holding her head up proud of another job well done. “As much as I never wanted to do this, I am glad I can protect those we care about.”

Uranus just nodded and continued to walk towards the car. Her transformation faded as she got there. This was not the first time they had left the Mugen school after a battle, and would not be the last. She heard footsteps behind them but knew they were not an outright enemy.

“You think you are so good and perfect by stopping us.” The low masculine voice stated. “Why are we wrong that we want to change the world. Why is it that you can cast judgment on us, when it’s just because we are changing the world differently then you.”

Neptune turned to see Professor Tomoe standing there. “As senshi of the Moon Kingdom, we have the power to judge. What you are doing is wrong. It should not require the death of innocents to change the world.”

“Who says they are innocent?” Professor Tomoe began to chuckle and a dark countenance fell across his face.

"They are more innocent than you or I."

"Sailor Neptune, I don't need to give you justification as to why I or the Witches 5 .. er 4 do what we do. Those who have been killed have simply gotten in our way."

"And that justifies killing them?" Neptune was exasperated and was ready to attack him.

"The world will be a better place when Pharaoh 90 rules it." Professor Tomoe laughed and then turned and disappeared.

Haruka started the engine to the convertible, "Are you getting in?"

Neptune let her transformation fade and got into the car. She sat there as Haruka started driving down the road along the ocean towards their home.

"Don't let what Tomoe said bother you."

"I know he is wrong about Pharaoh 90, my concern is are we right?" Michiru looked out to the sea, "Are we right in what we do?"

"By stopping Pharaoh 90 and his minions including witches 5 and Professor Tomoe we are doing what we have to do. That is our job." Haruka answered coolly.

Michiru thought for several minutes, "Then why are we at odds with the other planet senshi and the future queen?"

Haruka brought the car to a screeching halt, "That cry baby Usagi is not my queen. She never will be until she proves herself either."

"So everything is just a big justification." Michiru replied not looking towards Haruka. "We do what we do because we have to."

"If that is the way you need to look at it." Haruka pulled back on to the road and they drove in silence the rest of the way home.

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Review by bin82501 2007-02-04

I like this. It's a very clever pairing but it also makes you question, what give the Moon Kingdom more authority regarding the state of the Earth than the... (more)

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