Vignette Collection: Sentimental Fool by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG
Created:2007-02-02 Modified:2007-02-02
Summary:Haruka is not a sentimental person.
Sentimental Fool

She's not a sentimental person.

She doesn't see the point in birthday cards and throws them out when no one’s looking. She doesn't take photographs to preserve any precious memories. She doesn't spend any time reminiscing or cherishing moments. She's too busy living and dying for any of that. She thinks she’ll always be this way.

It isn't until Hotaru paints her a picture and gives her a sweet smile, and she remembers how she almost ripped that sweet smile away from them forever. That’s when something in her changes. She takes the picture and puts it on the fridge, and when the fridge becomes too full, she takes it down and puts it away.

Years later, Hotaru comes across a large box full of photos, paintings, report cards, and all the little treasures of her childhood that have accumulated over time.

“Haruka-papa!” Hotaru asks, laughing. She smiles. “Why did you keep all this junk?”

Michiru gives her a knowing look, her lips curled just so, a hand resting upon her hip. “Yes, Haruka-papa. Why did you keep all that?”

She just shrugs. “Call me a sentimental fool.”

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Review by shetan83 2010-11-11


Review by Starsea 2007-02-04

Sweet! Haruka's such a softie when it comes to her little girl. ;)

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