Vignette Collection: Want by silver

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:R
Created:2007-06-01 Modified:2007-06-01
Summary:Venus dreams, wants.




She tosses for a while, the windows open wide, cool stream of night air fingering places where she found Rei’s mouth in dreams.


It comes softly, stealing away into the buzz of so many nights and the louder silence of days. It comes when she’s not aware, in dreams when her eyes are closed and her lips twitch for want of…


She comes, silent as high noon sun, and she comes and lays her hands on the places the wind cannot touch, cannot feel. She feels, with fingers drawn pink against a pale, quivering pulse, and knows instinctually, without pity or pain.


How is it that hearts bind to one another, as in the petrified smoke of softening dreams? The light that turns us away from each other and the night that cries blind tears for taking. Will you come tonight, Rei, brightest of the planets, come bear me from these smoldering sashes, the things that come, come at the tips of our lashes?

Rei, I’m here, Rei, I wonder why this is, when darkness falls….

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Review by Starsea 2008-03-02

Very vivid imagery, Minako's torment is real and well written. I almost want more but I know that would spoil the vignette. ^^

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