Vignette Collection: Love Me Bad by Jessica Pendragon

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:R
Created:2007-07-13 Modified:2007-07-13
Summary:Can Evil Love?
Love Me Bad

Can evil love?

They call them the bad guys, tell them what they are doing is wrong. She's heard it from so many planets that maybe it's true.

But she doesn't feel so evil when he touches her, when he lays sweet kisses down her body. The tree shades them from any onlookers, but she cannot escape his intense eyes. His hands unzip her uniform, caressing her soft skin in places that make her blush. He kisses her as fingers explore, tease, excite. His kisses become stronger as his motions become more intense, driving her over some invisible edge. She cries out against his mouth, shaking like the leaves all around them. He cups her face and gazes into her eyes. For a moment, in his arms, good and evil don't exist. They are no different than anyone else, open and exposed and fragile unlike any evil should be. He tells her that there could be no one else, that they will be together forever.

And for a moment, she believes him.

SMMFC June Challenge- Ail and Ann
Theme Eighteen- Everything but (teh sex!)

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