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Summary:The children of the Sailor Senshi discover that their parents' Senshi powers aren't hereditary like they originally thought.
Kind of Blue and Gray

Kind of Blue and Gray
By Jason Ulloa

"I don't get it."

"I don't understand it all that well, either, Saki," the boy said as he smiled wanly down at his younger
sister and ruffled her short blue hair, which was only a few centimeters longer than his own. "But it
never bothered me that much anyway. Papa and Mama were the most surprised, though. They fully expected
Kei and I to inherit their powers, like with Usagi and her mother." A small shrug. "But her mother's the
queen, so I guess it's expected of her."

A girl with long brown hair came into the room and glanced at the two siblings. "Are you still asking
Ken about it, Sakura-chan?"

Ken shook his head and smiled, his gray eyes showing a hint of disappointment. "Don't worry about it,
Kei," he said as he glanced over at his other sister. "It's not like she's bothering me or anything."

Kei sighed as she sat down next to her little sister. "Still, it was quite a surprise, wasn't it?" she
asked her brother. "Mama and Papa were so sure that we'd end up taking over for them one day."

"Judging from the looks of the others, I think they weren't the only ones," Ken remarked. "Auntie Makoto
and Auntie Haruka were just as shocked as Papa was."

Sakura looked up from her brother's bed and glanced up at him. "So, Nodoka-chan, Kitsune-chan, and
Kasumi-chan aren't going to be Sailor Senshi, either?" she asked.

"They aren't the only ones," Kei said as Ken shook his head.

"They're not?" Sakura asked, shocked.

She mentally went through the Senshi roster. Her elder siblings, the fraternal twin children of Mizuno
Ami and Ryoku were originally thought to be the next Sailor Mercury and Sailor Knight, respectively.
The same with her cousin, Kino Nodoka, who Auntie Makoto was already grooming to take over her position
as Sailor Jupiter. Then, there were the other pair of twins, Ten'ou Kitsune and Kaiou Kasumi, who were
supposed to take over as Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.

"Yuriko-chan?" she asked, glancing over toward her brother. She knew he had a slight crush on the beautiful
Aino girl.

He shook his head sadly. "Not her, either."

"Misao-chan?" The calm, yet strong-willed shrine maiden of the Hikawa Jinja.

He shook his head again.

"Keika-chan?" The cheery, energetic Tomoe girl was a really good friend of hers.

"Not her, either," Kei said, shaking her head as well.

"No?" Sakura said, feeling sorry for her friend. So that just left the quiet Meiou girl. "So, I guess
Hazumi-chan isn't one either, right?" she asked disappointedly.

"I'm afraid so," Ken agreed. "None of us apparently have the ability to become Sailor Senshi."

"Why?" Sakura asked again. "Even if your Star Seeds don't have whatever it is that allows you to become
Sailor Senshi, can't the queen just do something so that you can become Sailor Senshi? Usagi-chan can
become Sailor Moon, just like her Mama, so there has to be a way."

"I wouldn't worry about it, Saki," Ken said with another shrug. "Usagi is the Princess; the heir to
Crystal Tokyo. The powers of the Ginzuishou are vast and way beyond our ken. I'm not at all surprised
that she's the exception to the rule."

"There was something that Mama mentioned, though," Kei said as her green eyes took on a thoughtful cast.
"Do you remember what she said about-" She paused for a moment in thought.

"Regenerative astral heredity?" Ken supplied easily.

Kei gave her twin a sour look. "Yeah, that."

"What's that?" Sakura asked curiously.

"It's a theory that Mama came up with a while back," he explained. "You know how Keika can heal things by
touch like her mother? Or, how Misao can control small fires by thought? Or, Kei's practical immunity to
electrical shock?"

"Or, how you've got eternally cold hands and feet?" Kei teased. "Yuriko-chan's pretty sensitive to cold, if
I remember correctly."

"Shut up."

"So, what does that mean?" Sakura inquired.

"It means that although we haven't inherited our parent's Sailor Senshi powers, we have inherited some
powers that have to do with our parents' past lives in the Silver Millenium as members of our respective
royal families. Hence, Misao's pyrokinetic abilities, for example. Her mother is Sailor Mars and was the
Princess of Mars during the Silver Millennium. So, she has abilities that has to do with fire."

"But if that's true, then why does Kei-neechan have electricity-related abilities?" she pressed. "And why
do you have cold hands and feet?"

"That's not an ability!" he retorted as Kei snickered. "Don't encourage her," he added, glancing toward
his twin.


"It's just a side-effect," he explained. "I can make liquids freeze by thought through touch. Remember?"
he said, pointedly.

"Yeah, but still, why do you have an ice-related ability?" Sakura asked. "Weren't you supposed to take
over for Papa and Kei-neechan for Mama? And isn't electrical stuff Auntie Makoto's domain?"

"Well, that's just how things happened," he continued. "Although Kei was supposed to inherit the
abilities of Sailor Mercury, she ended up with abilities from Papa's planet of origin, Jupiter. And the
opposite happened for me."

Sakura frowned. "So, what about me?" she asked, staring with her bright blue eyes as she pointed to
herself. "Will I inherit anything?"

Kei put a hand around her little sister's shoulder and smiled. "Be patient, Sakura-chan. Our abilities
didn't manifest until we turned fifteen. You've still got less than two years to go."

"And who knows?" Ken added, smiling as well. "They might test you like they did to all of us and find out
that your Star Seed might let you become Sailor Mercury."

The brown-haired girl grimaced at that. "Well, if it happens, it happens, I guess," she said,
half-heartedly. "At least one of us will get to become a Sailor Senshi if that happens."

Ken noted the tone in his twin sister's voice and gave her an understanding look, which she returned.

Sakura sighed to herself. They were doing that "twin thing" again. It always seemed like those two could
talk to each other without saying a thing. It sometimes weirded her out whenever they did that. At least
they weren't finishing each other's sentences. That REALLY freaked her out when they did that.

"Anyway, Mama and Papa wanted to talk with us later," Kei said as she stood up. "Apparently, since we
aren't Senshi candidates anymore, Papa might consider letting us join the Millennium Knights."

Ken snorted. "So that's why he wasn't all that broken up about us not becoming Sailor Senshi," he said
with a little bit of amusement. "Figures." He turned to his little sister and held out his hand. "Come
on, Saki. After Kei and I talk with Mama and Papa, we're going to go meet up with our fellow Senshi
rejects and have ourselves a little commiseration party."

"You don't have to put it quite that way, Ken," Kei said dryly. "Anyway, you do want to come, right?" she
asked of her younger sister.

"Yeah!" she nodded as she leaped eagerly to her feet. "Sounds like fun!"

"Then, let's go," he said as the three siblings exited the room.


Author's Note: Just a small little drabble based on an idea Dejana, Vayleen, and I had during MoonCon.
The idea is that the children of the Senshi do not necessarily gain their parent's powers automatically,
as their parents are the ones with the Star Seeds that have the powers of the Sailor Senshi. Or, at
least, this was my understanding of the whole concept. If I've gotten some of it wrong, oh, well. Close
enough for me. ^^;

Disclaimer: All original materials belong to their respective owners. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko
Takeuchi and a bunch of big companies. No copyright infringement is intended.

Questions? Comments? Anything?
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Copyrightę 2007 Jason Ulloa
All Rights Reserved.

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