Unspoken Oblivion by Jaded Catalyst

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“With great power comes great sacrifice,” whispered Jayden Owens, her voice nearly lost in the anguished cries of the bodies scattered about – some human, some not. “Power does not aid; it consumes.”

“Yes, but in battle, it is invaluable. In times like these, sacrifice is necessary,” a masculine voice said from behind her. Its owner, a large man carrying an equally large war axe stood a safe distance from the brooding Jayden. A large cut ran down his collarbone, but he had endured worse in his life.

Jayden’s uncaring eyes fell upon his wound. He was the only person who she allowed herself to trust completely, although even he could not soften her constant inhuman stare. “If my power were even to consume me…” She left the end of that sentence hanging. A light breeze picked up, brushing her mahogany hair from her eyes.

The man’s silver-streaked eyes were grim as he nodded in understanding. “Then I will do what I must.”

“Only you are capable of doing so, Broderick,” she responded, showing the first sign of trust in ages.

He accepted her token of respect in silence, slightly shocked at the sound of his name.

“A promise?” The weight of the word seemed even heavier than the Fate of the world on their shoulders.

His answer was final as the sound of the wind carried the promise to the heavens.

A promise made…


The carcasses on the battlefield soon faded away, leaving little more than a literal sea of blood. Feeling that she had lost every shred of humanity already, Jayden took a closer look at her reflection in the deep read ocean. The tainted liquid reflected the horrifying truth of her actions and the blood that was shed through her own doing. It was how she felt she should look. Jayden then did the most frightening thing.

She laughed.

Knowing that the blood of thousands was on her hands, she laughed. Her humanity had been drowned in blood and nothing was left of her once caring heart.

And Broderick knew this.

Knowing that he would be fulfilling her final wish, he raised his war axe and brought it down.

A promise kept.

Jay found herself screaming when she woke. Her pulse was racing at an alarming rate and she was covered in sweat. Another girl, a bit younger than Jay, came running into the panicking brunette’s room, and with a rehearsed ease, calmed her down.

The girl’s father walked toward the room and leaned on the doorframe, groggily checking his watch.

6:00AM, the time they would normally set their alarm clocks for if they hadn’t realized how useless they were in this household.

“On time as usual,” he mumbled to himself as he got ready for breakfast.

Today was a day unlike any other.

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