General Library: Unspoken Oblivion by Jaded Catalyst

Fandom:Original Fiction
Rating:PG13 Created:2008-05-01
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-07-07
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete

Intro: An Undying Legend (PHP)
Chapter 1: No Need for Alarm Clocks (PHP)
Chapter 2: As it Seems (PHP)
Chapter 3: First to Ten (PHP)
Chapter 4: A Silence so Loud (PHP)
Chapter 5: The Half of It (PHP)
Chapter 6: The Warrior Within (PHP)
Chapter 7: A Truth in Every Word (PHP)
Chapter 8: These Four Walls (PHP)
Chapter 9: Dinner for Two (PHP)
Chapter 10: Some Things Never Do Change (PHP)
Chapter 11: Never Another Night (PHP)
Chapter 12: The Chosen Path (PHP)
Chapter 13: To Break a Promise (PHP)
Chapter 14: Rock-Steady Resolve (PHP)
Chapter 15: At Last (PHP)
Chapter 16: Sweet Catastrophe (PHP)
Chapter 17: A Painted Sea (PHP)
Chapter 18: Tempest (PHP)
Chapter 19: Blood-soaked Shots (PHP)
Chapte 20: Dreamers and Liars (PHP)
Chapter 21: Too Far Gone (PHP)
Chapter 22: Old Habits Die Hard (PHP)
Chapter 23: Gifts and Curses (PHP)
Chapter 24: Without Wings (PHP)
Chapter 25: On the Way to a Smile (PHP)
Chapter 26: A Privilege to Breathe (PHP)
Chapter 27: No Turning Back (PHP)
Chapter 28: Silent Reverie (PHP)
Chapter 29: A Step Ahead (PHP)
Chapter 30: Growing Resentment (PHP)
Chapter 31: The Rules of the Game (PHP)
Chapter 32: Shameless (PHP)
Chapter 33: Strength of the Mind (PHP)
Chapter 34: Twenty-Questions (PHP)
Chapter 35: No Smoking Zone (PHP)
Chapter 36: Echo (PHP)
Chapter 37: To Play With Fire (PHP)
Chapter 38: Brothers (HTML)
Chapter 39: A Chance Worth Taking (PHP)
Chapter 40: Claustrophobic (PHP)


It only takes one soul to give a world hope and one action to plunge it into chaos, but it takes more than a single warrior to bring the peace. Given one more chance, the Guardians of the planet once again rise to protect their world. They had lost the war once, and have no intentions of losing it again. Second chances are not given so that the same mistakes can be made twice but the opportunity for change will only show itself to those willing to see it.

Author's Comments:

This is my pride and joy. Started in 2005, it was this plot idea that broke my long slump and inspired me to write once more. It is the first part in the "Eternal Melody Trilogy."

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