Unspoken Oblivion by Jaded Catalyst

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By the time Jay reached the park to meet the others, they had all ready laid down the picnic blanket and taken out the food. They looked about ready to eat the basket and blanket, too, when Jay finally sat down.

They could immediately smell the smoke on her shirt, causing them to send distressed looks to one another. It wasn’t that they disapproved of her smoking; they never really mentioned Jay’s bad habit. Their worries were due to the fact that when Jay smoked, she thought, and when Jay thought, she was usually upset by something.

And their curiosity of the matter only increased when they met her gaze.

Her grey, almost silver, eyes burned with an intense flame. A fiery air stood about her and her movements seemed rather uneasy. The girls knew that something must have happened for her to be like this. A part of Jay had awakened and it blazed through her veins and singed even the deepest parts of her soul.

The lunch was short and uneventful, with much of the silent attention on Jay. She politely excused herself and left on some vague errand. The three younger girls were left behind, pondering the possible events that could have affected their friend in such a way. Whatever it was, they knew that if it involved Jay, then it would involve them as well.

They had no idea what they were getting into.

“Today was,” Kaelin paused in search for a fitting word, “weird.”

Roselyn stared off into space, showing even greater concern for Jay. “I know, and she left so quickly, we barely had a chance to talk to her at all.”

“I smell a secret-“


“-agent mission!”


Roselyn couldn’t help but laugh at the two. Whether it was because of Azura’s beaming enthusiasm or Kaelin’s cynicism, watching the two interact was never dull. They were perfect foils for each other and were always fun to be around.

“Let’s save it for tomorrow. It looks like it’s about to rain,” Roselyn said, always the sensible one.

“And Jay left us to walk? How nice of her.”

“Come on, Kaelin! Walking can be fun, too.”

Kaelin had a familiar glint in her eye and smirked. “The only way it would be fun is if…” She let the words trail off, and they all knew what she had in mind.

“Here we go again,” Azura said to no one in particular.

“First to the third light wins!” shouted Roselyn as the two bolted ahead, leaving Azura to plod slowly behind them. This was how it was every day the three spent together.

And they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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