Unspoken Oblivion by Jaded Catalyst

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Jay had been without a car for a full seven days, and it was one of the longest weeks in her life. She absolutely loved driving, and it was one of two things she would probably never be able to let go of.

It wasn’t the sound of the engine or even the thrill of the speed. Jay was actually a very safe driver. The thing she loved the most was the roar of the wind as it flew past, filling her mind with a deafening silence and prophetical whisperings carried from times long past. The wind was her escape from the memories she wanted so desperately to let go of.

Lost in her own thoughts, Jay didn’t see the man standing outside of the mechanic’s shop. He was young, in his early twenties, and carried himself with an air of authority. A dirty mechanic’s suit covered his muscular body and sunglasses covered his gaze that was fixed strongly towards the distance.

Both their trances were broken when Jay collided with the standing man, knocking his sunglasses to the ground.

“Sorry,” Jay said quickly as she reached down to pick up his fallen shades, but he beat her to them.

“No, I wasn’t paying atten-“

The two froze as his gaze met hers. Jay felt her heart nearly stop and her breath caught tight in her throat. She found herself inches from the man’s oil-smudged, albeit handsome, face. However, that was not what held her in such a spell.

It was his eyes.

They were a normal brown hue but laced with strands of silver radiating from their centers. It had been so long since she had looked into those eyes.

A single word escaped her lips, inaudible to all but her screaming heart. “Broderick?”

His eyes widened in possible recognition, but only for a quick moment. He regained his composure, placing the now-scratched lenses over his eyes once again. “You must be here for the car,” he stammered.

She, too, pulled herself together in time to come up with a response. “Right.”

“Catch.” Broderick tossed over the keys.


In less than a minute, Jay was out of the garage and speeding down the street, wishing that the roaring wind would drown out the thoughts racing through her head, but she knew it was impossible. Driving was one thing that Jay couldn’t let go of.

He was the other.

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