Unspoken Oblivion by Jaded Catalyst

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 “With great power comes great sacrifice. Power does not aid; it consumes.”
Broderick gazed about the bloodied corpses scattered about him, knowing that the blood of half of them was on his hands and more was to come. An even larger battle waited for them, and it was perhaps their only chance at victory. “Yes, but in battle it is invaluable. In times like these, sacrifice is necessary.”
 “If my power were ever to consume me…”
Had it been any other time, Broderick would have objected. However, the only the thought of ending the bloodshed was on his mind. “Then I will do what I must.”
 “Only you are capable of doing so, Broderick.” Jay looked at the man she once gave up everything for, and now she trusted him to take everything from her once again. “A promise?”
He met her gaze, knowing that his next words would challenge ever fiber of his being and change the course of history forever. “I promise.”
A furious tempest swirled about them as the fatal words were spoken. The fire in Jay’s eyes danced with the wind, eager for the coming of the final battle. A simple nod acknowledged Broderick’s words as Jay turned to leave.
She turned, an inhuman gaze looking down at Broderick. Never before had he felt as vulnerable as he did then, but he felt that if his soul was to e bound by a promise then so should hers.
 “One day I will have no choice but to fulfill my promise, but until that day, you must promise me something.”
 “What is it?”
 “Promise me that you will wait for that day with me. Promise me that no other blade or being will end your life but my own. Promise me that if we were separated then you will look to the day that we reunite so that, should the time come, I will do what I must.”
Jay’s eyes widened at his request, the thought of battle all but forgotten.
 “Promise me,” he said. “Promise that you will wait for me.”
The heavy winds ceased and the world stood motionless. Broderick wove a tangled web and Jay’s answer would forever bind them in a cycle of the unwilling hunter and voluntary prey.
 “I promise.”
Broderick woke with a start as a sudden gust of wind shattered the cracked window beside him. An unnatural breeze danced about the room, bringing a smile to his face.
 “It’s great to see you again, old friend.”
The only response was another gust of wind carrying with it the great smell of the sea.

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