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Rating:R Created:2008-02-27
Genre:Romance Updated:2010-10-12
Style:General Status:Incomplete

An Accident and a Mistake (PHP)
A Fear and a Hope (HTML)
A Scare and a Shock (HTML)
A Dream and a Reality (PHP)


The senshi and the shitennou have started to develop some very bad habits in the ways they act around each other...Senshi/Shitennou, Rei/Jadeite, Ami/Zoicite, Makoto/Nephrite, Minako/Kunzite

Author's Comments:

Bad Habits is going to be a bit of an adventure for me, I suppose. I'll update it when chapters are done. Chapter 1 is officially the longest chapter I have ever written for anything. ^^ So...leave thoughts. Also posted on

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Review by bin82501 2010-08-02

Gosh this is good. There's not much to say.
Review by chibiangel 2008-03-10

Excellent start to the story. I love when Zoicite says Jadeite is getting to be a pansy. I can't wait to see the reactions they have when their full memories are restored.
Review by bin82501 2008-03-09

I love it. enough said

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