General Library: Melantha the Ultimate Nemesis by Loki

Rating:R Created:2008-06-07
Genre:Action Updated:2009-09-10
Style:Science Fiction Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Chapter 1 A New Era Dawns (PHP)
Entrapment (PHP)
Chapter 3 An Unwelcome visitor (PHP)
Chapter 4 A Woman Scorned (PHP)
Chapter 5 Abduction (PHP)
Chapter 6 Falling Star (PHP)
Chapter 7 Inferno (PHP)
Chapter 8 Gates of the Underworld (PHP)
Chapter 9 Beyond the Point of No Return (PHP)
Chapter 10 Deadly Alchemists (PHP)
Chapter 11 Saturn - the Sum of All Hope (PHP)
Chapter 12 Sweet Little Resistance (PHP)
Epilogue A Perfect Sky (PHP)


Empress Aiko's daughter, Usagi, the heir to the Chrysanthamum throne is thrust into an unwanted marriage she must accept.

She and her reluctant husband find themselves abducted by a crazed shape shifter and a group of dark ops soldiers - from there things get a whole lot more deadly as the world is on a knife's edge as deadly mutants and biosynthetic forces do battle for ultimate control of the Earth.

Author's Comments:

The first chapter is a collaboration between myself and the lovely Sian from Wales England, the rst of the story is all mine, enjoy!

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