General Library: Crystal Princess: The Saga of The Crystal Sailors by CKNight09

Rating:PG13 Created:2008-08-29
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-11-17
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Return of The Ice Titan (Text)
The Ultimate Sacrifice (Text)
Power Up, Crystal Sailor Moon! (Text)
Dark Kingdom Generals Return (Text)


Bad guys enter the fray, attack Sailor Moon, after she meets the new Senshi in class, and the portentous nightmares hint at a looming battle and a being sleeps inside her, unaware, Sailor Moon is caught up in a battle she knows nothing about. Will she survive?

Author's Comments:

This is a rewrite of the original which was written in 1997 by me. Edited by Loki, this is a series that is darker than the original.

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Review by Araya 2008-09-01

You have a really great start here. Though, try to show more instead of telling so much. I feel like you tell us this happened, then this happened, etc. Try to work in some more description to draw your reader in.

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