General Library: Kiss Me by Heavenly Pearl

Fandom:Fruits Basket
Rating:PG Created:2006-02-11
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-02-11
Style:General Status:Complete

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All she wants from Sohma Hatori is a kiss.

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Possible spoilers up to Vol. 10.

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Review by Starsea 2006-06-27

This is an adorable story. You really get a sense of Mayu's frustration with Hatori: although she appreciates his chivalry, she's ready to move on. All her emotions are well described and the story builds up perfectly to the desired kiss. I especially liked the sentence where Mayu feels that the kiss is somehow more intimate than making love. It shows that she understands Hatori.

My only quibble is the paragraph in parentheses concerning Shigure. I enjoyed it, but it was random an... (more)
Review by twiknham 2006-02-12

Very good! I can see Hatori standing there, looking at Mayu through those sexy glasses of his, and wondering if she was ever going to shut-up. Thank you for a good read.

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