General Library: Surrogate Father by silverstarlet

Rating:G Created:2009-03-18
Genre:General Updated:2009-03-18
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On a fine afternoon, Makoto reflects her relationship with Artemis.

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Review by Loki 2009-03-29

What can I say, this was absolutely perfect in every way:

Your writing is superb, and what is more, charged with vitality, color and woven together in a tapestry of writing excellence that for the reader makes it stand out as an example of fabulous storytelling, structure, plot and image. I love your use of language and your grammar and plot are right on the money.

I also love the originality concerning her new relationship to her protector, gorgeous and affect amaz... (more)
Review by bin82501 2009-03-22

I loved it. I've always thought of Artemis a fatherly character but this so sweet. Mako does get left out.

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