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Rating:PG Created:2009-05-23
Genre:General Updated:2009-05-23
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete

Dragon of the Moon--Prologue (Text)


A mysterious stranger follows a new enemy that threatens Tokyo and menaces the Sailor Senshi. Will he fight the enemy alone, or will he enlist the aid of the Senshi? Or will this enemy be too much for both the stranger and the Senshi to handle?

Author's Comments:

The timeline is after Sailor Stars, and it's a mix of drama, action, comedy, and romance. This was my first fic....waaay back in 2002, and then it got hung up on hiatus. We'll see how this goes in the 2.0 edition.


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Review by Loki 2009-05-29

Congratulations on your first fanfiction. I remember mine back in 2002 also. 68 chapters and 6 years to complete, so it is magic starting out and welcome!

I was immediately taken with your vocabulary, images and the atmospherics of your prologue. Stunning, and I liked your portrayal of Luna and Usagi as well. The opening is a nice taste of what is to come.

I would however, suggest reducing dependence on ellipses so much. I use them like precision instruments, cutti... (more)

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