General Library: Fast Car by surrenderdammit

Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Rating:PG13 Created:2009-06-21
Genre:Romance Updated:2009-06-21
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

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A young girl moves in next door in the dingy apartment complex, and it changes everything. How far can a car ride take you?

Author's Comments:

Inspired by the song "Fast Car" with Tracy Chapman. Excuse any typos and grammar errors; English isn't my first language. Story can also be found on my LJ.

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Review by kimiren 2011-11-12

loved this so much! and i wholeheartedly agree with the review made by Loki. you have SUCH talent. i urge you to write more
Review by Loki 2009-07-03

Despite the fact your story hasn't been BETA'd, I feel you have a definite talent.

This was a touching, gritty, honest and beautiful love story about two people that through circumstance, and yes, perhaps destiny, were brought together. Well done, and if you ever need a sounding board, or help with writing, by all means, look me up, congratulations on telling a warm and tender story!

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