General Library: Darkness Is Relative by StarryNight101

Rating:PG13 Created:2010-04-10
Genre:Romance Updated:2010-05-03
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

The Beginning of the End (PHP)
School, Fights and Drama (PHP)
The New Girlfriend (PHP)


Takes place during the season R breakup. Usagi is depressed and leans heavily on her friends for support. Mamoru starts dating someone else and Usagi doesn't take it well. At all. But is all as it seems? New enemies and new challenges arise.

Author's Comments:

My first 'real' fanfic. My other story is just a songfic, and this is a true multi-chaptered story. So please be a bit patient! :)

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Review by Chmia 2010-04-19

I like where the story is going, but there are some minor spelling and formatting mistakes you would probably catch yourself if you did a second read-through. Also, isn't Rei supposed to be at a different school than the other girls? If you changed that, it is fine, but maybe you should mention it in the author's notes or something. I liked the notes the girls were passing each other in class. Cute. ^^

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