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Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Rating:PG13 Created:2006-03-06
Genre:General Updated:2006-03-06
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

Role Reversal (HTML)


As Kaoru waits for a late guest to arrive, she thinks about how they've come to this point in their lives.

Author's Comments:

Something I thought of after attending a BS last week...what if Kenshin and Kaoru displayed the emotions usually seen at these, but in reverse.

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Review by Triste 2008-04-06

Oh how delightfully amusing! And sweet all at the same time. I must admit the seriousness of Kenshin when he talked to his friends didn't strike me as particulalry him, but when I took a step back and recalled his tendency to overdramatise everything (in a loveable way, of course), it fit nicely.

I liked the role reversal jabs as well. Nice job on Saitoh and Tokio's involvement with the lot. It was interesting.

Keep writing.
Review by Anonymous 2007-03-21

Excellent ficlet! Always liked Kenshin and Kaoru's reversed roles; it's nontraditional and just, well, interesting. I'm thrilled that someone wrote about it. Can't you just see Kenshin looking after the little ones while Kaoru teaches? A peaceful image for someone who's lived such horrors. Anyway, this is very nicely done!

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