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Rating:PG Created:2006-05-05
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-05-05
Style:General Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Reality

One-shot (PHP)


Response to the March 2005 Challenge. Rei is having strange dreams about a man she is convinced she used to know and it's stressing her out. What happens when she looks for answers and what happens with the new guy at her school? Rei/Jed Romance.

Author's Comments:

FYI...this story is set in the R season, right after the doom tree and just before ChibiUsa arrives.

This story is an answer to Aisuru-chanís SMFanFictionDOTnet March Challenge. Which states the following rules:

Your submission can be any genre, any length. This month we are going to do a couple. Our first couple will be Rei/Jadeite. Each entry must have at least 3 of the following...

A horse
Lots of chocolate
Luna acting weird all of a sudden
Usagi and Mamoru are keeping a secret
Ami all of a sudden isn't acting like the smart girl she was, now she's acting like a smart allic
Lita now cooks horribly
Mina has hearts in her eyes for a guy
Rei is shy

You only need to use up to three of these things, extra points for using all of them or more of them. Don't add to this list though.

Phrases that must be included...

"What do you mean you are..." (I'll let you use your imagination on that.)
"I do not believe I am mean, I am just simply selectively nice."
"Will you ever love me like I love you?"

That's the challenge. It is now officially open. The deadline to submitting to this challenge will be one month from now. You have until midnight April 17.

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Review by Loki 2006-08-21

This is a classic SM story featuring Jed and Rei that I really love!

Firstly though, there are a few typos, structural and grammar and expression issues that need fixing. Word usage and expression also need a little work, but these things are easily fixed with a good proofing and editor. ^_^


I loved your characterisation, Rei and Jadeite were so beautifully written, you captured their essence magnificently. The battle scenes, with their am... (more)
Review by Starsea 2006-05-09

This is a very sweet story, marred by a few grammar mistakes and being crammed into a short story. You could easily have made this chaptered and developed the storyline. I don't think Ami would have been happy about eavesdropping on Usagi, Mamoru and Jadeite, but you do write Rei very well.

"You're blushing" not "your blushing". When continuing a sentence after speech, use a comma if you're not using an exclamation mark, a question mark or a full stop.

xxx~Starsea~x... (more)

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