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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-06-19
Genre:Dark Updated:2006-06-19
Style:Character Study Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

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Sailormoon will soon learn that the other side is not always so pretty and heroes are not always so lucky... The hard way.

Author's Comments:

This is a what-if story, at the end of Sailormoon S Season.

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Review by Loki 2006-08-21

Wow, this is a fascinating story.

I noticed a lot of structural flaws, grammar, a lot of repetition of phrases and terms _babe_ could alternate with infant, child, etc, and some phrases -- but the narrative itself has a powerful sustained energy that could be developed much further. It is the kind of story that generates ideas and fresh -- plot bunnies -- it is haunting, immense in scale and its boundless isolation is post-modern in style.

I love the influences you ... (more)
Review by Starsea 2006-07-08

This was such a sad story, and cold, too. There was a lot of emotion, but it felt very impersonal, an echo of the empty surroundings and the dead system. I liked the backstory on the Tau system and Mistress 9. Hotaru creeped me out, but I suppose she wouldn't exactly grow up normal in a time bubble, would she? This is a bit of an oddity, interesting to read, but depressing.

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