General Library: The Promises We Do Not Speak Of by blue

Rating:PG13 Created:2006-06-19
Genre:Romance Updated:2006-06-19
Style:Character Study Status:Complete

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Sometimes love is sacrificed for duty, and sometimes, dreams are all we have. An exploration of a could-be.

Author's Comments:

This story is set post Neo-Queen Serenity's rule. This is during the rule of Lady Serenity, also known to us as Chibiusa, and what I thought would be a much needed subject to be discussed. Various dedications are placed at the end of the fic. Enjoy!

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Review by Loki 2006-08-21

Love and sadness and so beautiful

Firstly, you have a few structural and grammatical flaws to fix up. But those aside, this is a remarkably sweet-sad story.

I loved the emotional and sexual tension that ebbs and flows between two people of different worlds -- close, yet separated by the gulf of their respective domains. Your writing style here is fecund and fluid, sensual and chased, glorious in its visualisation and its rhythms. So tender as it draws upon the heart... (more)
Review by Starsea 2006-07-08

This is just so sad that it makes me ache inside, but it's written in such beautiful language that I had to read it to the end, even as I winced for the two of them. The scenario is all too plausible: their mutual desire, the way Elios struggles against it and the way the situation can never be resolved because they love each other too much.

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

A beautiful story, but I haven't read such painful angst for a long time.

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