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Rating:PG13 Created:2006-09-18
Genre:Angst Updated:2008-07-31
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Broken Hope (PHP)


There is a time in the distant future that the star of light gives up hope and flees to alter a past that has determined her fate.

Author's Comments:

This was written with the belief that Sailor Cosmos is the ultimate form of Sailor Moon, that Usagi is still queen of Crystal Tokyo when the Ginzuishou gives her the power to become Sailor Cosmos and that Chibi-Usa has become Neo-Sailor Moon.

This story was written as a 25th birthday present for Dejana Talis, our super-wonderful administrator, and is a .moon exclusive.

I wanna thank Araya at .moon for being my Beta Girl and going through this story to make sure that all of my dumb mistakes are corrected and that my continuity is in sync.

I hope you all enjoy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEJANA!

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Review by Dejana Talis 2007-02-06

Sailor Cosmos as Usagi's ultimate form is one of the most tantalizing mysteries of canon. In contrast to the Sailor Moon we know, Cosmos is a soldier ready to make extreme sacrifices, a soldier who has lost all hope of finding a better way. What could have happened to Usagi, the very light of hope, to take that shine away from her?

In this brief tale, Shel answers that ultimate question. Before our eyes Cosmos is transformed from the Usagi of canon to the time-traveler of the Star... (more)

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