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Rating:PG Created:2006-10-21
Genre:Angst Updated:2006-10-30
Style:Character Study Status:Complete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Immortal (PHP)


"I was born an immortal, a direct descendant of the Moon Goddess Selene. Cursed to live for eternity, I will never die a natural death. There are only two things with the ability to kill me: A blade made of Godsteel or the right amount of black magic."

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Review by Araya 2006-10-24

I love the song at the end. It really does justice for the story. And a beautiful story it truly is. I would have liked for you to dwell more upon Cosmo's feelings and that of Lady Serenity. I just feel that more should have come from that. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful and well written story. Keep up the good work!
Review by Bella*Luna 2006-10-23

Well, I liked it.

It is a great take on what she would feel like, being all alone.

I love the fact that you had Usagi come to take her place when it was her time.

It might have been good to have some sort of reuniting scene, little, but there....that is if your intention was to allow her passage to Elysian. I would like to think that she ends up there one day. I mean, her mother died right...she is at peace.

It is great, thought pr... (more)

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