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Fandom:Card Captor Sakura
Rating:PG Created:2006-01-07
Genre:Mystery Updated:2006-01-08
Style:General Status:Complete

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When someone dies, are they really gone? Kinomoto Touya discovers he has a special gift after his mother's death.

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Review by auxphono 2007-01-18

Wonderful fic! It's nice to see a CCS fic that gives a bit more backstory to the series. You're really good at setting the tone in this fic, kinda whimsicle, sad, lost and yet it has bright moments of laughter and happiness. You've written Touya's soft underbelly, which is something not often seen nor dewlled upon in fanfic.. well, unless it's Touya/Yukito fic. lol. Your fic makes me want to revisit the manga, since you've now gotten me into the mood for it. You really did write a gem of a piece... (more)
Review by Dejana Talis 2006-01-09

This story is absolutely beautiful. I've never seen Card Captor Sakura, but once I started reading this story, that didn't matter. The fic painted perfect pictures of the setting and its important characters, so that I didn't feel I was missing a thing by not having seen the original material. The fic is well-rounded, with a satisfying beginning and end, and draws you in perfectly from its first words to its last with its clear poignant emotion. A lovely piece of work.

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