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Rating:PG Created:2007-04-12
Genre:Angst Updated:2007-04-16
Style:General Status:Complete

Sylvan Reverie (PHP)


Nephrite's retreat is spoiled by an unexpected visitor. Sequel to "A Dry Spell".

Author's Comments:

Written for the February "Clandestine" theme at sm_monthly. I don't like the last line but otherwise I think this is good.

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Review by Ysi 2014-06-26

I love the tension you write between these two. I have read all their vignettes, and I must tell you that you are talented with words. You draw emotions out of your readers with ease. Well done!
Review by Jessica Pendragon 2007-04-18

Alright I'm back. w00t!

I got a deep thought out of this...and I don't have them often, so run with me.

We all have places to hide from what makes us agitated and afraid, but are we really hiding? Like...Nephrite goes there, but I think deep down he knows it's a place Makoto would LOVE because of the waterfall, and he goes there to get away but it reminds him of her anyways because it's what he wants the most. Does that make sense? Anyways, that's what I got out of... (more)

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