General Library: Lucky Star by Bella*Luna

Fandom:Instant Star
Rating:PG Created:2007-06-03
Genre:Drama Updated:2008-07-31
Style:General Status:Complete

Lucky Star (PHP)
  2007 Spring Challenge Entry (Theme: Luck)


Jamie is Jude's strength, will he stay with her through to the end or will he leave her to her bigger picture and phase himself out of her life?

Author's Comments:

My first Instant Star fic, I was holding off until they finished the series...I don't like writing something and then it happening in the original story...I've already had a few ideas that have happened in the newest season. But this is simple and just an unwritten continuation of a scene that ended too early.

There are lots of unanswered questions in this series though, so expect more stories if you enjoy this one ^.~

Thanks to Araya for doing a quick beta of this for me. She rocks!! And thanks to whoever voted for me in the contest. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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