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Rating:R Created:2006-01-10
Genre:Drama Updated:2011-03-29
Style:General Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Universe

Part One: Cruel Fate (PHP)
Part Two: Still (PHP)
Part Three: Unraveling (PHP)
Part Four: Snuffed Out (PHP)
Part Five: Freeze Over (PHP)
Part Six: Like Rain (PHP)
Part Seven: Ever Dimming (HTML)
Part Eight: Fragile Hope (HTML)
Part Nine: Desperate Partners (PHP)
Part Ten: Out of Time (PHP)
Interlude - No Angel Came (PHP)
Part Eleven: Sinners/Saints (PHP)
Part Twelve: Bond (PHP)


What if some things that should have been remembered were forgotten? What if those who were only meant to watch and guard became participants in the formation of destiny? What if the greatest romance of all time was forgotten... forever?

Author's Comments:

I am eternally grateful for Syrinx's amazing comments on the first three chapters that have helped make this one of my best stories yet. ^^

And yet another huge thank you to Yumeko for agreeing to pick up where Syrinx had to leave off. You are both amazing editors and wonderful people, and I'm happy that both of you were able to help me out on this story. Thank you so, so much.

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Review by grimorie 2009-05-03

Yes, guess, what I have been on a re-reading spree this past week (I've actually downloaded your stories into my PDA for easy access) and this was another thing I've re-read and devoured at top speed.

In all honesty I think I might love Forgotten Forever more than Hands Fall Together, if only because we have Minako being more kick ass and awesome and then being all buddy cop with a very reluctant Mamoru. Also, the back story with the Dark Moon is fascinating and just... here, I'm... (more)
Review by hecatia 2008-06-07

Wow, this story is amazing! You have Mamoru so dead on. Hope you continue one day!
Review by serentiymoon 2008-03-29

This a really amazing and depressing story, but at the same time I love it. I really want it to end well, to have the lovers get together because they are the most amazing couple. Also how sailor moon have beaten the black moon family without Mamoru? Please keep going and hope you get them together!

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