Vignette Collection: Defiance by Meech

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Created:2006-07-14 Modified:2006-07-17
Summary:Something happened at the end of season S that resulted in Hotaru becoming a child. What exactly happened with the defeat of Pharoah 90?

The inside nearly choked her with its cloying evil, the sheer essence of destruction tearing at every pore of her body, despite the protection offered by the Crystal and the faith of the other Senshi. At the very edge of her vision, among the murk of a slowly fading Pharaoh 90, she could just make out the absurdly serene form of Sailor Saturn, the Silence Glaive raised in supplication. Hundreds and hundreds of feet seemed to separate them.

Pharaoh 90 was losing, even with the collosal might of the Sacred Cup. Its devastation, while overwhelming, could not compare to the pure wholesome eradication that spewed from the Silence Glaive in wave after wave of unadulterated, unconcerned, raw power. Pharaoh 90 was failing before it could even begin.

"I warned you once, Sailor Moon, not to stop me." The Senshi of Silence turned her attention to the princess, impassively ignoring the roar of the titanic winds. Already, the otherworldly being the Death Busters had worked so hard to evoke crumbled at its edges, fraying at its proverbial seams.

With the impending defeat of the being, Sailor Saturn was fading as well, her heart crystal shimmering in the gloom. Soon, that would be all of her that remained.

"How will I explain this to Chibi-Usa?" Sailor Moon asked softly, with no hint of judgement.

Saturn grimaced, the Silence Glaive wavering. Pharaoh 90 screamed in muted despair, its form dispersing. "We are all Senshi. We do as we must despite our personal desires. The Outer Senshi know this well. Why is it that you do not?"

"I will not accept the sacrifice of even one," the princess returned sternly. "Not without a fight. There is always another way."

"There is no other way this time, Messiah." Saturn raised a gloved hand before her face, calmly perusing how transparent it had become. "My duty was written long before the universe considered bringing you to being. That is the way of the Senshi of Destruction... but also of Rebirth."

"You are wrong, as are the Outer Senshi." Sailor Moon glanced at the crumbling entity that had posed such a threat only moments ago."Without you, we'd have been destroyed by Pharaoh 90."

Saturn decided not to point out that, had the Senshi killed her before, Pharaoh 90 would never have been summoned. "Very well. Now, it is time for me to depart." Only an outline of her remained, though the heart crystal still hovered as a lucent star at her chest. "Perhaps, we will meet again the next time I am reborn-"

"You are needed now, Tomoe Hotaru. I will not explain the legend of the Senshi of Rebirth to my daughter at this stage in her life." Her broach burst open, releasing the argent rays of the Crystal, just as Pharaoh 90 collapsed, its devastation dispersing.

"Nani?!" Saturn cried before the blinding light claimed her.


Uranus and Neptune stared in silent astonishment, unbelieving of their eyes. Baby Hotaru, nestled in Sailor Moon's gentle but exhausted arms, blinked, first at one, then the other.

She giggled, as only a newborn infant could.


Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is the product of one Naoko Takeuchi. This work is by Meech ( Do not attempt to use it without permission.

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Review by Bella*Luna 2006-09-14

It's like you were inside my head.

I've always imagined the scene inside the storm to be like this. Saturn telling the princess that ther... (more)
Review by Starsea 2006-07-23

This is a powerful conversation between the two opposties; Sailor Moon's determination and optimism against Saturn's surety and fatalism provides a lot of ... (more)

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