Vignette Collection: Four Fears by Kihin Ranno

Fandom:Sailormoon Rating:PG13
Created:2006-12-31 Modified:2006-12-31
Summary:Four drabbles concerning the Shitennou's worst fears.
Four Fears


He's afraid of being alone.

He tells people that his mother used to leave him alone. Or he got lost in the woods and wandered around by himself for days. But that isn't true. He's always been surrounded by people. He shouldn't be so paranoid of abandonment because he doesn't know what it's like to be abandoned.

But he has nightmares all the time, and he cries into his pillow so that no one hears. This goes on for sixteen years until one day he has a different dream. Thatís when he realizes that he was the one who left.


Heís afraid of clowns.

He knows itís stupid. He knows he shouldnít tell people because they make fun of him. But he still refuses to go to the circus, and he still entrusts friends with that secret. He never regrets it.

He canít help it; clowns are creepy. Theyíre always smiling and laughing. Theyíre too quick with jokes and too resilient as they trip all over themselves and cram their bodies into tiny cars.

But mostly he canít get over the fact that he knows that there is a monster underneath that smile. He knows because heís the same way.


Heís afraid of fire.

When he finds out why, he thinks ďhow fucking typicalĒ and ďIím such a clichť.Ē He tries to carry around a lighter to prove that heís no longer afraid, but he sweats so much when itís in his pocket that he has to shower afterwards.

Then he tries to play with matches: ridiculous for someone his age. He manages to light one, shakes, burns his fingers, and throws them out.

Finally, he goes to a Shinto shrine because he knows about their sacred fire. Thatís when he sees her, and he finds something else to fear.


Heís afraid of Kunzite.

Heís always known thereís something else inside him. Something older and darker and more vicious than he could ever be. Itís twisted and wrong but most of all sorry for everything itís done.

That doesnít change what Kunzite is.

Kunzite is foul. Kunzite is cruel. Kunzite is covered in blood and he likes the taste. Kunzite killed his best friend. Kunzite killed his lover. Kunzite killed a lot of people, and Kunzite is trying to kill him too. Kunzite wants his body, and Kunzite has never lost.

Heís afraid of Kunzite: the monster in his head.

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Review by Anonymous 2009-12-11

\"Thatís when he sees her, and he finds something else to fear.\"
LOL, yeah, I\'m sure Rei was thrilled to find Jadeite visiting her temple because ... (more)
Review by Bella*Luna 2007-01-02

I'm confused...are they talking about themselves, each other, or is it not them talking at all, is it someone else telling what their worst fears are?

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