General Library: Ripples In Time by FluffyFox

Fandom:Rurouni Kenshin
Rating:R Created:2009-01-27
Genre:Drama Updated:2012-01-04
Style:Fantasy Status:Incomplete
Setting:Alternate Reality

Chapter 1: The Hunter For Hire (PHP)
Chapter 2: The Hunt Begins (PHP)
Chapter 3: Bound By Honor (PHP)
Chapter 4: Change Isnít Always A Bad Thing (PHP)
Chapter 5: Kenshin’s Companions (PHP)


Honor, this is a word that hunter for hire, Kaoru Kamiya keeps close to her heart. She never fails a mission she has been given, but that is about to change. She's about to find out the true meaning of that word. KK pairing.

Author's Comments:

I really like this pairing and anything that's Rk, and so, this story is proof that I just couldn't resist!

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Review by kokoronagomu 2010-09-21

great story! i'm not sure i read this on ffn or anywhere else but i believe i did read it before.

i don't know if you're still writing, but i do hope you are.
a pleasure,
Review by ChosenOne 2009-02-27

Oh man, you have got to keep this one going. I love it so far. I was a tad confused at the beginning, since vampires have eyes like B, but I got it eventually. Ha. That's what I get for making assumptions. I hope you've got a lot more where this came from...

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